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Offering Talks and Workshops about the latest technology to improve your business.  Check our directory of events, happening around Calgary.


Our e-learning site has affordable one-weekend courses to build, optimize and promote your own website with WordPress.

Even More Abtek Web Properties...

Abtek.FM - Coming in July 2019!
Abtek's Branding Podcast - Abtek's Creative Director discusses tactics for exposing and fixing brand blunders and how to build a better brand image, that's true to your value system. It's a lot more than logos and buzz words.

Abtek.TV - Coming in August 2019!
Abtek's YouTube Channel - Our archive of webinars, guest appearances and other videos to help you get the most out of your website.  Coming Soon!

Abtek.VIP - Beta Testing Currently in Progress!
Abtek's turn-key landing page platform – built on WordPress multisite, this platform makes it super easy to build a mobile responsive and SEO-friendly landing page. Sell tickets to your event, collect leads from a Google Ads campaign, or direct customers to a premium download to build your email list.

AfterCare Customer Portal - Launched April 2019
As our team grows, we've been building a customer portal to offer more transparency and convenience for our AfterCare customers.

Calgary Mobile Web - Since 2013
Secure Canadian webmail and DNS management.

ORCA Mobile App - Launched November 2017 at Startup Weekend
Organized Response and Community Access