How can you offer a hacker-free website guarantee?

Today I received a great question via email from one of our clients. So, I’ve decided to follow my own advice and write a blog to explain the answer to her question!

The question is: How do you ensure your website can’t get hacked?

When our clients sign up for our AfterCare program, we tell them the same thing: If your website is ever hacked while under our care, we’ll clean it up for free. Here’s why we feel so confident in making this guarantee – and why so far, none of our WordPress websites have been hacked, and we’ve never had to re-do our own work!

We use the same hosting configurations as highly-profitable online stores.

We build a lot of online store websites with WooCommerce, and when our clients reach a certain threshold in credit card volume, they usually have higher security demands. Many of our client’s websites require quarterly security scanning and re-certification by a third-party security company. We are familiar with this process and can help your website become PCI compliant.*

Did you know that having a PCI compliant website can make a company eligible for discounts on their credit card processing rates? As low as 1.4%

We know how to harden WordPress.

We use a checklist of 70+ items to ensure that each website we deliver is configured properly. This includes changing the file permissions of key WordPress files and limiting access to the database. This best practice is no secret – in fact, it’s right there in the WordPress codex.

Still, one of the most common mistakes we see on hacked websites that we get referred to us is a rookie designer simply installed a security plugin, but didn’t configure it properly, or at all!

We monitor our websites with AfterCare.

Our AfterCare program includes rock-solid hosting, maintenance and reporting of your website on a monthly basis. One part of this report highlights the number of security scans we performed that month – a minimum of 1 scan per day. We also watch your site for unusual behaviour, unplanned downtime and slow page load times – so we can ward off potential problems before they cost you money.

The next question we usually get asked is, do you provide monetary compensation in the event of a hacked website? The answer is no, we only will provide the manpower and hours required to repair or rebuild your website. When a website grows to become such a critical part of a business, it’s now the business owner’s responsibility to purchase a cyber liability insurance policy with the appropriate limits of liability. This will help protect against business interruption caused by website downtime.

*PCI compliance scanning is not a service offered by Abtek Web Design, but it is available by referral to our favourite Canadian merchant account provider.

Hiring a website developer who doesn’t pay close attention to online security is a costly mistake that many owners have made. We rescue hacked websites all the time – they’re just never our websites.

We’re pretty proud of our track record when it comes to website security, and one of the reasons that we provide a higher level of service than most. Want to learn more? Get in touch.

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