The Brand Ethos Experience

Let's have a coffee, play a game, and discover your brand in a different light.

Abtek's Brand Ethos Exercise is a new kind of brand discovery process which reveals your company's true personality.

Our branding process starts with a fun card game, and ends with a detailed presentation of your brand's value system - complete with design advice for your next website or print project.

The insights from this game help us create 4 Cornerstone Marketing Messages that you can put into play, immediately after the included 90-minute strategy consultation. You can take these messages and work them into your social media posts, blog articles, podcast ads – whatever!

Your completed Brand Ethos Report is designed to be your company's roadmap for writing great content, designing beautiful websites, and confidently telling the story of you!

e·thos  / ˈēTHäs /  noun

the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

Our Brand Development Process - It's All About Values.

Create A Map of Your Brand's Value System and See How It's All Connected...

If you don't know the answer to these key marketing questions – you need the Brand Ethos Report.

  • How should prospective customers recognize and remember your business?
  • What should your customers expect to experience when they do business with you?
  • What are the key values at the heart of your company's mission?
  • How do you find customers with the same values as you?

What's Included in The Brand Ethos Package?

We use Branding Cards, one of the best tools in the design industry for getting straight to the heart of your brand.  The game is simple - we show you a card, you tell us if it fits your brand, is opposite your brand, or it does not apply.

For only $497 – You get the full Brand Ethos experience!

  • Play Branding Cards with our Creative Director in this 90-Minute Branding Exercise.
  • Receive Our 5-Page Brand Ethos Report summarizing your brand's unique value system, with 4 Cornerstone Marketing Messages you can put into play right away.
  • Book a follow-up 60-Minute Strategy Session to brainstorm additional ways to market your business using these new insights.

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