Strategy Calls

How to Claim Your Monthly Strategy Calls and Review Your Website Report with Us.

At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive your Abtek AfterCare Report with data about your website’s performance for the prior month.  It will arrive as a PDF attached to an email.

Your Abtek AfterCare Report PDF contains a detailed breakdown of the following information:

  • A summary of all software updates and optimization tasks performed on your website by Abtek staff
  • A summary of any tracked downtime and average page load times which can be indicators to the health of your website
  • Your monthly traffic report which includes metrics like bounce rate, number of unique visitors and average time-on-page
  • A list of tracked SEO keywords for your site, and any lateral movement we observe in your search engine rankings
    (applies only to AfterCare Optimized and AfterCare Commerce subscribers)
  • Your monthly online sales report which includes things like number of coupons used, shipping costs, sales tax collected, etc.
    (applies only to AfterCare Commerce subscribers)


If any of this sounds like greek to you – don’t worry!

This is why Abtek includes a monthly coaching call to our AfterCare clients. We can help you understand what these vital statistics mean for your marketing efforts. With this knowledge, it becomes easy to leverage your traffic data to make more informed decisions when planning for a digital marketing campaign.

On the last page of your monthly PDF AfterCare Report – you’ll find a link to schedule your AfterCare strategy call. 

Click this link and follow the steps, be sure to verify the phone number you want us to call.  You’ll receive a confirmation email of your selected call time.


Having trouble opening your AfterCare monthly website maintenance report PDF?

Try updating your PDF viewing software – like Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you still have problems, you can open a support ticket with us for free help.