Requesting Changes to Your Website

All accounts enrolled in AfterCare can simply request a website change by emailing the details to A member of our staff will respond to your support ticket with an estimated timeline and notify you when the updates have been completed.

You can login and view your change request history at any time by visiting the Abtek Support Desk.

The Difference Between a “Website Change” and “New Feature” Request

Examples of common website changes covered under AfterCare are:

  • Replacing an image, headline, or any amount of text on a single page, blog post or product listing
    You can submit files to us in any of these formats: Word Document (doc/docx), Google Document (link), Adobe PDF, images (jpg/gif/png), layered Photoshop file (psd) or Encapsulated Post Script (eps). The text in your documents must be selectable, and will be copied and pasted with no editing for grammar or spelling. Your text will be formatted so that it appears cleanly in the intended area of your site.
  • Changing the destination of a contact form, or the content of the confirmation email message
    Each lead form on your website can be customized to send the results to a specific email address. You can modify the destination of this form, the confirmation that displays to the customer on your website, and the content of any e-mail confirmation that is sent to the customer.
  • Adding or removing a contact form field
    If you want to capture additional information in one of your contact forms, we can add or remove fields. This can be helpful for split-testing the conversion rate and overall effectiveness of a specific form.
  • Posting a blog, or scheduling a blog to be posted at a later date
  • Modifying the header or footer of your website
    You can request to add or remove links in your navigation menus, swap out your logo, add or remove social media links or change the global copyright text at the bottom of the page.