About Abtek Web Design

At our core, Abtek Web Design is a website development agency. We create robust websites that act as a central hub for our clients' entire digital identity.

We believe that a company's website should be a working asset - basically a full-time employee that's always working to grow the business. Our processes are designed to consider a brand's entire digital footprint - everything from your website and social media channels, to your offline advertising efforts and print media.

Click to enlarge - venn diagram showing the relationship between your website and other digital marketing channels.

How Abtek Works

We work with freelancers and referral partners from all over Canada to deliver the very best website experiences for our customers. Our team constitutes a network of copywriters, website developers and graphic designers - all working together in a 100% distributed workplace.

We want to be known as the go-to WordPress support company in Canada. If you need something that falls outside of our scope of work, we have a robust network of other Calgary businesses to whom we can refer you.

What Abtek Web Design is NOT...

We know that our world can be confusing to most people.  When people ask us what we do, to keep things simple we say "We build beautiful websites for better businesses."

  • We are not an SEO company... but we keep up-to-date with the best practices around search engine optimization, and build our websites accordingly.
  • We are not a marketing company... but we develop websites which are intimately linked to your marketing plan, to track your leads and sales effortlessly.
  • We are not an advertising agency... but we can help you identify opportunities for placing ads across various media - print, digital and multimedia.
  • We are not a social media company... but we can connect your website to your social channels and enhance the way you track your social leads.

We Are Abtek - A Calgary Web Design Agency

The story of Abtek is one of very deliberate and focused efforts to build community. As WordPress professionals in Canada, we believe in giving back 5% of our time to non-profit initiatives which support the mission of open-source software.

By leveraging free and open-source software (e.g. WordPress) to build our business, we've been able to build a business we love - and are proud to work for.  We also want to express our deep gratitude for the teams around the globe who contribute to making the web a stronger, safer and more profitable place for business owners.

Alberta + Technology = Abtek